The Ribs’ style is at once rhythmic, melodic, riff-based, and quite loud. The four-piece, formed of previous members of Guildford Incinerator, Luna Park, Steranko, Milk Kan, and Plenty, has been in its current line-up since 2013. The Ribs have built up a dedicated following from playing at local venues and festivals, including the Albury Festival and the Guildford Beer Festival. The Ribs are named after a crime against the Soviet state: during the Cold War, the Kremlin strictly restricted the genres of music available to the Soviet public. Enterprising bootleggers recorded forbidden music from the west – like rock & roll – onto used x-ray films, still containing images of rib cages and skulls. The music came to be known as “ribs music”, or “Rock on Ribs”.

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